About the project

June 9, 2009

The process of making artwork is often solitary and rather fraught, and it tends to be supplanted by its object as soon as it’s over. Since the artwork is the thing left over from all the making, it’s easy to assume the artwork itself constitutes the result or accumulation or culmination of the working process. But what about the bit that comes before the culmination, while everything’s still a mess and has yet to yield anything coherent? How does the process remain after it has conceived an artwork.. in the mind? in the air? in the wood shavings? Which bit is the artwork? When does the art work?

LIKE WHEN YOU is a two-week research project into the process of making artwork, using a collaborative studio space to generate ideas, artwork and discussion. Research collected over the fortnight will result in a limited edition print publication and a short series of radio broadcasts.


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