Week One: Friday 5 to Sunday 14 June 2009
Daily drop-in studio/workshop

Thursday 11 June
Paintings by Simon Mathers, Seth Pick and Liz Gaunt
16.00 onwards – discussion
18.30-21.00 – open to the public

Week Two: Monday 15 to Thursday 18 June 2009
Daily workshops and events generated in Week One

Monday 15 June
Between Studio and Gallery

Does artwork behave differently in the studio and in the gallery? What encounter do we have with artworks that are in progress, and how does that encounter change when they are completed? How does the position of the artist shift when an artwork moves from studio to gallery? Claire Nichols and Altair Roelants of The Empty Gallery Interviews join us for an informal discussion in the LIKE WHEN YOU studio.

The Empty Gallery Interviews are an ongoing series of events that make public the anticipatory dialogue that exists between the exhibitor and the exhibition space. For further enquiries about the project email theemptygalleryinterviews [at] googlemail.com.

Tuesday 16 June
Method Swap Shop
11:00-15:30 onwards

A game in three parts.
1. Write a description of your working method.
2. Swap methods with another artist.
3. Stick to your new method as you complete a short studio project.

Thursday 18 June
What Just Happened?

LIKE WHEN YOU has aimed to focus on the process of making instead of the products that might result. As the project draws to a close, we ask whether it’s possible to document a process without allowing the documentation itself to become the product. How can we represent incomplete or continuous activities without ‘gathering them into a noun’? If you’ve taken part in the project so far, join us to consider how we might represent the fortnight’s work in print and on the airwaves without compromising the making process at its core.

All events are free of charge but places are limited. Please email likewhenyou [at] kulturfabric.org to find out more, to reserve a place at any event, or for directions to the space.


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